Learning to walk the tightrope of motherhood...

Monday, November 8, 2010

It Takes A Raise a Parent

'Tis the season for giving thanks, and, as I watch my friends posting 30 days of thanks on facebook, I reflect on those in my life I am grateful for, especially, this year, my ever-growing support system.
I am grateful for my babysitter, who lovingly cares for Meredith, practices her exercises with her, and offers just a smidge of helpful motherly insight from time to time. (Did you know that diaper rash is more likely to occur when your child is on an antibiotic?)
I am grateful for my boss, and my husband's boss, both of whom have been more than generous and flexible in allowing us, even encouraging us, to manipulate our schedules and take time to attend appointments with Meredith.
I am grateful for the medical practitioners we interact with regularly...doctors and nurses who dote on our daughter and therapists who guide us in supporting and challenging Mer to reach her greatest potential.
I am grateful for my in-laws who have always welcomed me in to their family but whose embrace has been even tighter this year.
I am grateful for my parents who work hard to stay close, despite the miles between us, and who make family get-togethers a blast.
I am grateful for my brother, who has always been fun to be around, but even more so as he gets older and more, dare I say it, mature. Mer is lucky to have him as one of her uncles!
I am grateful for my sister, who is one of my best friends, and who, along with her girlfriend, overwhelm me with their unconditional love of Meredith.
I am grateful for my daughter who teaches me to slow down, relax, and enjoy the little things.
And, I am grateful for my husband, whose patience calms me down and helps me focus on what's important. He supports me in projects I undertake, understands when I need a break, and laughs at me when 2 years later it's still only half finished. :-) I am more and more lucky to have him every day.