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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here's to an early spring...

It's Groundhog Day--a major event in my kindergarten world!
In case you missed the news, the snowstorm bearing down on Pennsylvania thoroughly obscured the sun during the ceremony and Paunxataney Phil did not see his shadow. Spring is just around the corner!
And, here at home, as if Mother Nature herself heard the news, the sun started shining this afternoon and it warmed up to a balmy 46 degrees or more this afternoon. This is such a welcome treat at this point in the winter season that, upon arriving home from work, I put on my tennis shoes, bundled up the Mer Bear, grabbed the dog's leash, and went on a walk!
Now, I can readily admit that I am not much of an exercise junkie. I got my fill of cardiovascular training while rowing crew in college and am now fairly content to grumble about my weight while munching on a Hershey kiss. However, in an effort to lose my baby weight last summer, I got hooked on walking.
My routine was simple: load up the van with baby, dog, and stroller in the morning in time to take Greg to work. Then I'd park the van in the bookstore parking lot, unload the crew, pop in my headphones, and hike all over a beautifully deserted college campus.  An hour later, Mer's nap was over but Ruffy and I were both refreshed, relaxed, and feeling good about ourselves.
Sadly, the school year has not allowed for this indulgence...and it shows on me, both physically and emotionally. However, the patch of sunshine I followed around the neighborhood today gave me hope that spring is not far away...and that gives me the optimism to handle so much more!