Learning to walk the tightrope of motherhood...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet surprises...

I got such a nice surprise today when I walked into the little storage closet where I pump--another mom who also uses that room, had left me a card, congratulating me on (almost!) finishing my first week as a working mom and teacher. And it was just the little boost that I needed!
Wednesday was a rough day. It began with some crazy dreams the night before which made me feel like I was always running late picking up Mer from daycare and enhanced the feeling that I'm not getting to spend enough time with her in the evenings. I then had a rough day keeping up with my kiddos, felt incredibly behind in planning and unavailable to meet with my teammates, and capped it all off by yelling at my students in the hallway while trying to get them on to the bus IN FRONT OF one of their parents.
I was at such a place that when my husband called an suggested we go to a wine-tasting in the evening, I burst into tears instead of responding with a more typical "Cheers!"
So, today was better. I kept my voice down to a dull roar during bus dismissal. I have a planning meeting scheduled with some of my team at starbucks for tomorrow. I got a good-morning-hang-in-there hug from a co-worker. I got the aforementioned card. And, I even left work on time to pick up Mer.
But what topped it all off was that MY BABY LAUGHED this afternoon! Really truly giggled---several times---all because of her mommy's kisses!
These are the small miracles in life and the way God (or the diety of your choice) supports you when you need it the most. I am grateful!


  1. Funny...I was thinking about her laughing while I was walking this morning, thinking it would probably be the next big milestone! Here's to more "Cheers" and less tears next week!

  2. Katie, your wonderful caring nature with the students always shines through, regardless of how you sounded to yourself! Being a MOM and a teacher of other people's children is a challenging dance to learn, but you are doing it with grace and beauty. Mer and your students are very lucky!