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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Thanks"giving: Catch-up!

"Thanks"giving: Day 15: Dinner Out!
    A Tuesday night dinner out is always a treat, and, when it's Mexican food, all the better! Dinner with friends and their little girl tonight was awesome nice to relax and chat about kids, work, etc. So grateful!

"Thanks"giving: Day 14: Classes
   I'm so grateful for my writing classes on Thursday nights this semester. It's such a nice opportunity to talk to other teachers about the new things they're doing in their classes--there just isn't time for many of these conversations on a daily basis. I'm also grateful for the ongoing support and troubleshooting as I try using Writer's Workshop in my classroom this year.

"Thanks"giving: Day 13: Text messages
    Actual conversation with the babysitters watching Meredith Saturday afternoon--
Me (from my crazy out of area phone number): Just checking's Mer doing? ~Katie
Sitter (response in less than 30 seconds): Wrong number.
My thoughts: Ok, minor panic, but, that's why we have 2 sitters, 2 phone numbers.
Sitter (less than 1 minute from when initial message was sent): Oh, sorry...she just woke up from nap. Not eating much, but drinking her milk.
Me: LOL...
    I really am grateful for the sitters we have worked with this semester...but I am just as happy to have had this conversation. It so made me smile! Even the tech-savy college kids make make bobbles from time to time.

"Thanks"giving: Day 12: Visitors
  Loved having company this past weekend! It's nice to see family, hang out, and show them some of the sites of H'burg.

"Thanks"giving: Day 11: Computer Lab
   It makes my Fridays so relaxing! :-)

"Thanks"giving: Day 10: Special Educators
   So thankful for all of the wonderful people who work with Meredith and also provide support for Greg and me. They are our teachers, our resources, our coordinators, and our cheerleaders and their knowledge is absolutely amazing!

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