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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Thanks"giving: Day 8: A Meredith Morning

This morning I am thankful for "A Meredith Morning." Conferences at school don't start until 11, so I get to spend a *little* extra time with my baby this morning. What a treat for a Tuesday morning!
After dropping Greg off at work, we returned home to watch the first segment of Sesame Street and to play in the living room. The "word on the street" today was canteen, so that may have been what inspired Meredith to focus on my to-go coffee cup that I was still sipping out of as we watched. She scooted after the mug wherever I moved it, trying to get her own fair share of a morning pick-me-up. Then, she stood up at her play and learn table and started to work on cruising from one little stool-type contraption to another. We even had enough time this morning for me to give Meredith a bottle and read a couple of books. What a treat! It was a nice enough morning that I (almost!) wish conferences would come a little more often so that I could spend more mornings with my baby girl!

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  1. So glad you took advantage of the time to just be Mommy & Mer!