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Monday, November 7, 2011

"Thanks"giving: Day 6: Morning coffee

I've been hooked on coffee since I was a little girl and my dad started fixing me coffee like my mom's...with milk and sugar. Then I only drank it on the weekend, usually while snuggled in their bed reading the comics or watching Saturday morning cartoons. However, there was never any doubt for me that coffee would become a staple in my life.
As I've grown up, I've gone through stages with coffee...
--the late at night at Starbucks phase in high school
--the flavored Wawa coffee in Fairmart while studying for midterms phase
--the "1 cup and only on weekends" phase when pregnant with Mer
and, NOW, the "two big cups, every day" phrase I'm currently in. I'm not necessarily proud of this increasingly addictive habit, but I also figure that of all the substances I could get hooked on, caffeine's not so bad.
So, tonight I am thankful for my coffee...and I'm thankful for my husband who makes it every day for me, even though he is currently kicking the habit.

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