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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Thanks"giving: Day 2: Morning walks

So, I'm crazy, but I love it!
My feet hit the floor only two rings into the much more typical extended version of my snooze alarm routine. By 5:30, my shoes were on, the cat was fed, and Ruffy and I were out the door for our morning walk. There are lots of stars still in the sky at 5:30 in the morning, and there's also lots of time to think. Quietly.
Sometimes I reflect on conversations from the night before. Sometimes I focus on the schedule for the afternoon or the upcoming weekend. Often, I think about my lessons for the day. (sigh)
But, in any case, during my 15 or 20 minute spin around the block with the dog, I get time all to myself. I'm not answering questions or redirecting behavior. I'm not rushing to pick people up on time or make an appointment. I'm not even checking email or posting on Facebook. These few minutes feel stolen, like somehow I'm taking advantage of time the rest of the world doesn't even know exists.
When I return to the house, the day will have begun. Greg will be fixing Mer's breakfast and we'll be watching every tock of the clock to make sure we get out the door on time for work. But, because of my little morning stretch-of-the-legs, I will be filled with the necessary energy and peace to make it through the day...until the next walk!
For this I am thankful.

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